Daniela Melchior: “The more I work, the more stages I have to talk about these subjects”

“Not a single day goes by without making an impact on the world. Your actions make a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. These words are from Jane Goodall, one of the most recognized and respected activists of the past decades, and they should be a universal … Read more

These students who make their dreams come true abroad

For a large majority of Moroccan students, continuing their studies abroad or at least doing an exchange is considered a great advantage, if not a necessity for their professional and personal development. But this approach often proves very expensive and requires a great mobilization of the student and his family… However, the high costs, estimated … Read more

sleep and when is the time to cambiarle?

The spazzole tergicristalli (reed note come tergicristalli) is a must per ogni auto modern! Oggi nessuna auto esce dalla catena di montaggio senza spazzole tergicristallo. I saw him capitato di trovarvi in ​​a situation in cui, in case of pioggia, the auto che vi preceded inquinava il parabrezza con una tale velocità che, otherwise if … Read more