Several athletes from the Rems-Murr district receive scholarships – Rems-Murr-Sport

The Stuttgart sports region sponsored twelve talents, including three athletes from the Rems-Murr district: wrestler Jello Krahmer (ASV Schorndorf), shot putter Alina Kenzel (VfL Waiblingen) and Nina Ndubuisi (SG Schorndorf). Sportregion Stuttgart supports the “Olympic Base Stuttgart – Team Paris” campaign of the Olympic Base Promotion Company (OSP) Stuttgart. The aim of the campaign is … Read more

Talent promotion: this is how the best students get a scholarship

Rand 1000 euros per month, a supplement for internships and research stays abroad, contacts with renowned scientists or managers and access to numerous specialized events. All this without interest. Roland Hain runs one of the most sought-after scholarships for students in Germany. School principals, university professors or presidents of examination offices nominate future scholarship holders … Read more

Leipzig: The Elfrun Gabriel Foundation supports gifted students

To this day, Elfrun Gabriel is considered a successful concert pianist, particularly known for her interpretations of Romantic composers such as Chopin and Schumann. Gabriel has had great international success, has filled concert halls around the world and is committed to promoting young talent. She lived in Leipzig for a long time with her husband … Read more