Call of Duty Modern Warfare II promises to elevate everything the franchise has ever done

Year after year and the deductible Call of Duty comes with a new version. One way or another, the games in the series always bring innovations. Two Thousand and Nineteen was special for the series, because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it was the best-selling game of that year, and it really could have won … Read more

Buick Wildcat EV, Trasformazione Elettrica Ambassador – Prove and Novità

Almost 70 years of the Buick, which is the beginning of a march of General Motors present in practice only negli Stati Uniti and Cina, presents Wildcat an elegant concept of the vector scoperta which for the time was incredibly sober and anticipated a future (successively more concrete) di raffinata funzionalità and di attenzione ai … Read more