State Budget 2022 by 10 points. This is what you really need to know (and it’s going to ruin your pocket)

The first budget presented by Fernando Medina recovers the priorities of the socialist executive which ended up failing in Parliament in October and introduces novelties which will directly affect your pocket. – Scrambled with the IRS: the splitting of two income tax brackets is confirmed, from seven to nine, to increase the income of middle-class … Read more

The PSD is distracted by the internal elections – Marques Mendes

THE SETÚBAL CONTROVERSY 1. The controversy with the reception of Ukrainians in Setúbal continues. With two serious facts:a) Firstly: according to Expresso, Igor Khashin, leader of the Russian community in Portugal who participated with his wife in the reception of Ukrainian refugees, had been “monitored” by the SIS for years. As a general rule, the … Read more