IR Refund Batch Schedule; how to consult?

The first batch of 2022 personal income tax (IRPF) refund – base year 2021 – has already been released at the end of May 2022 and according to the schedule released by the Federal Revenue on the next batch will be delivered at the end of June. But after all, how do you know if … Read more

Senior technicians with a doctorate will have a salary increase of 400 euros | Public service

To start the conversation, the Government has proposed to the unions to increase the entry salary for senior technicians by 52 euros and by 47.55 euros for technical assistants, while senior technicians with a doctorate will have an increase of starting salary of more than 400 euros. of the career. The measures were presented on … Read more

Giorgetti, nel fondo di sostegno per l’auto 1 mld l’anno per 8 anni – Norme e Istituzioni

Il fondo di sostegno al setore automobilistico provides approximately one billiono di euro per anno su a period di otto anni “per accompaniment il process di transizione”. Lo ha detto the minister dello sviluppo economico Giancarlo Giorgetti nella conferenza stampa sul decree bollette. Giorgetti announced anche che “insieme al Ministro Cingolani a brief intention to … Read more

Information technologies – Setic presents a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out in the technological services of Rondônia – Government of the State of Rondônia

The presentation of service metrics is intended to ensure control of all requests received, classified and processed The State Superintendence of Information and Communication Technologies – Setic, presented a report with quarterly analyzes of the actions carried out by the State’s technological infrastructures and services. The government of Rondônia, as well as the units of … Read more

Seduc ends the regional stage of the Student Games (JEP) in Mocajuba

Futsal team of the Profa Deusalina da Cunha de Souza Carneiro public school, from AcaráThe State Secretariat for National Education (Seduc), through the Center for Sports and Leisure (NEL), closed, this Sunday (5), another stage of the 64th edition of the Para Student Games (JEP ). This time, the municipality of Mocajuba hosted the regional … Read more

Positivo Servers & Solutions sees 40% increase in hybrid cloud solutions | SEG

Growth was achieved between 2020 and 2021 and driven by demands from the healthcare, government and energy sectors Positivo Servers & Solutions, a company specializing in the production and sale of servers, storage, mini PCs and IT infrastructure for businesses and services, announces a 40% increase in the share of hybrid cloud solutions in its … Read more

The Chamber of Commerce of Pará delivers a new public library for students and researchers

The Pará State Chamber of Commerce has organized, this Monday (30), the delivery of the Dulce Nazaré Public Library of Lima Leoncy. The award ceremony took place in the presence of the family of the honoree, who is immortalized in the memory and history of Jucepa, Dulce Nazaré de Lima Leoncy, the first woman to … Read more

“Student Paralympic Games” open up opportunities for new talent

The sunny morning, this Thursday (26), reserved a warm welcome and guaranteed the final preparation of the participants of the 14th edition of the Paralympic Student Games of Pará (JEPP). During this first day of competitions, around 200 student para-athletes from 19 municipalities competed in five different sports. Organized by the State Department of Education … Read more

State Budget 2022 by 10 points. This is what you really need to know (and it’s going to ruin your pocket)

The first budget presented by Fernando Medina recovers the priorities of the socialist executive which ended up failing in Parliament in October and introduces novelties which will directly affect your pocket. – Scrambled with the IRS: the splitting of two income tax brackets is confirmed, from seven to nine, to increase the income of middle-class … Read more

The PSD is distracted by the internal elections – Marques Mendes

THE SETÚBAL CONTROVERSY 1. The controversy with the reception of Ukrainians in Setúbal continues. With two serious facts:a) Firstly: according to Expresso, Igor Khashin, leader of the Russian community in Portugal who participated with his wife in the reception of Ukrainian refugees, had been “monitored” by the SIS for years. As a general rule, the … Read more