IR Refund Batch Schedule; how to consult?

The first batch of 2022 personal income tax (IRPF) refund – base year 2021 – has already been released at the end of May 2022 and according to the schedule released by the Federal Revenue on the next batch will be delivered at the end of June. But after all, how do you know if … Read more

Federal Revenue: see if you are in the 1st batch of refunds – 05/23/2022 – Market

Starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday (24), the federal tax office publishes the consultation of the first batch of 2022 income tax refunds. The bank credit will be granted to 3.4 million priority taxpayers, for a total of 6.3 billion reais paid. The money from the first batch of reimbursement will fall into the taxpayers’ account … Read more

Income tax 2022: escaping the false refund scam – 05/10/2022 – Market

Scammers take advantage of IRS income tax refund payment to attempt to steal customer data via email messages. The messages arrive in the inbox in the middle of the IR 2022 declaration delivery campaign, which has a deadline of May 31. Typically, the emails inform that the taxpayer has a refund amount to receive and … Read more

The deadline for filing income tax starts this Monday; see what to do – 06/03/2022 – Market

The 34.1 million taxpayers required to declare income tax 2022 can, from 8 a.m. this Monday (7), download the declaration program and send the document to the tax authorities. The deadline for reporting to the tax authorities ends on April 29 at 11:59 p.m. Anyone who is obliged to declare and does not respect the … Read more