Salvador’s hospital blood banks urgently need donations; understand –

The blood banks of the two units of GSH Banco de Sangue de Salvador, located at São Rafael Hospital and Aliança Hospital, are in urgent need of donations. The average daily donation was 40 blood bags. However, to balance the stocks, there must be at least 100 donations every day, in each of the units. … Read more

SIMM and Sinebahia offer 213 vacancies this Wednesday (18) –

The Municipal Work Intermediation Service (SIMM) and the SineBahia (Work Intermediation Service) have 213 job offers this Wednesday (18). Opportunities include administrative assistant, butcher, accounting assistant, among others. Benefits and salaries vary by role. Those interested in SineBahia opportunities should book an appointment via the SAC Digital address or the SACDigital app – available on … Read more

Living among the relics, Gilberto has transformed his house into a museum steeped in history – Arquitetura

At home, the collector and seller owns watches, books, paintings and typewriters from 1895. At the museum, Gilberto is holding a wooden garrucha. (Marco Maluf) In Bairro Vila Carvalho, Gilberto Espíndola, 65, has transformed the house where he lives into a museum called “Algo Mais Antiguidade”. The place is a real-time tunnel that takes visitors … Read more