Emmericher Robert Kominek on track to master

April 11, 2022 at 2:25 p.m. Butcher Broeder : Robert Kominek on track to become a master Robert Kominek (left) completed his training at the Bröder butcher’s in Elten. He remains loyal to his company. Master Walter Bröder (right) is proud of his companion. The boy is a “really good guy”, says the boss. Photo: … Read more

Only one out of 100 specialists is funded

Intern in a car workshop In recent years, around 6,000 young skilled workers under the age of 25 have received further training grants, for example to become master craftsmen or technicians. (Photo: dpa [M]) Berlin Given the shrinking population, continuing education is seen as the key to combating the growing shortage of skilled workers. However, … Read more