InvestSP calls on municipalities to prepare for the arrival of 5G – 06/15/2022

InvestSP (São Paulo Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness) brought together public managers from across the state last weekend, in Guarujá, to discuss the importance of municipal management in the arrival of 5G internet, which will guarantee browsing up to 100 times and is expected to inject up to R$270 billion into São … Read more

5 advantages of using Bitcoin in online stores – 06/14/2022

Online stores have become a booming business in the current economic conditions. Not only do they provide consumers with a convenient way to purchase merchandise, but they are also a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products to potential customers around the world. A growing number of e-commerce businesses are beginning to … Read more

Benefits of investing in a gaming notebook to perform common tasks – 06/14/2022

Although it was developed primarily for gamers, anyone who thinks only that audience can benefit from the robust settings of a playbook. Whether for simple daily activities, such as working, studying and surfing the Internet, or for performing tasks that require heavy programs and the management of a large volume of information, these laptops offer … Read more

Regions without basic services; EU with ‘lots of evidence’ of crimes

Governor of Luhansk warns of heavy shelling Beatrice Cavaca | 18 minutes ago “The whole free region of Lugansk suffered heavy shelling. Fierce street fighting continues in Severodonetsk. We are exhausting the enemy. Today, June 10, the Russians missed again. The regional center is Ukrainian. The road Lysychansk-Bakhmut is ours. “Completely” evacuation is possible only … Read more

The Museum of Ancient Art shows the exchange of games between East and West

THE The exhibition “Cross Games. Journeys between East and West”, presented until September 25, is based on one of the largest private collections of game boards in the world and is curated by Ulrich Schädler, director of the Swiss Museum of the Game, and Thomas Thomson. Divided into eight sections, this exhibition addresses the migration … Read more

Audi analyzes and dispels eight myths about autonomous driving

O what will bring autonomous driving back to the car market? Will it be soon? Will cars be able to drive anywhere? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes to self-driving. This is why Audi has carried out a study called “SocAIty”, prepared with the help of renowned … Read more

Explore all of Samsung’s service channels – and find out which one is right for you – 07/06/2022

Whether through digital means or in person, Samsung offers several ways for customers to clarify doubts, configure new products and request technical support services, in addition to offering tips, videos and tutorials for consumers. to explore the devices to the fullest. Check below what are the Samsung Service Channels and how you can trigger them. … Read more

LE BAL – Silas, Nuno Gomes, Carlos Severino and Pedro Guerra at BOLA DA NIGHT (10 p.m.) (A BOLA TV)

This Monday, June 6, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… Another evening of interesting conversations at NIGHT BALL highlighting Portugal’s excellent victory (4-0) over Switzerland in the Nations League and the full involvement of the national and international transfer market, in addition … Read more

THE BALL – Playstation 5 controls with price reduction (Games)

With the return of the “Days of Play” campaign, which lasts until June 8, Playstation players will have access to the Playstation Store and in the usual stores to a price reduction in several games, in the Playstation VR Mega Pack and also in the Duelsense wireless controllers. During the campaign period, which ends on … Read more

A BOLA – The League of Nations and the market dominate BOLA DA NIGHT (22:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Friday, June 3, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… THE NIGHT BALL updates all the sports news of the day, with a focus on the transfer market, and highlights Spain-Portugal, this Thursday, in addition to the Portuguese match against Switzerland, which … Read more