Senior technicians with a doctorate will have a salary increase of 400 euros | Public service

To start the conversation, the Government has proposed to the unions to increase the entry salary for senior technicians by 52 euros and by 47.55 euros for technical assistants, while senior technicians with a doctorate will have an increase of starting salary of more than 400 euros. of the career. The measures were presented on … Read more

Pinto Monteiro, the Attorney General of the Republic who did not like being the Queen of England, died | Death

Former Attorney General of the Republic Fernando Pinto Monteiro, who held the post between 2006 and 2012, died on Wednesday at the age of 80. The way he approached the performance of his duties was evident in a sentence he uttered in an interview: “The Attorney General of the Republic has the powers of the … Read more

Here’s what happens when drought brings a 3,400-year-old city back to Iraq | Archeology

The image of an ancient city in Iraq, saved from time to time from the waters of a reservoir, cannot fail to evoke those who know Vilarinho da Furna, in Gerês, a village reduced to ruins by a dam. submerged in the early 1970s. , even though they are separated by thousands of kilometers and … Read more

Russia must be prevented from defining the terms of the crisis in Ukraine | Opinion

For the past few weeks, Western audiences have been obsessed with the question, “What’s going through Putin’s head?” Western experts wonder: are the people around him telling him the whole truth? Is he sick or is he going crazy? Are we pushing him into a corner where he will see no other way to save … Read more

‘It’s a rehearsal’: How families of Sandy Hook victims are watching the Uvalde shooting | filming in the USA

The family of Sandy Hook massacre victims – who are about to turn ten – called again on Tuesday for tougher gun laws that would prevent attacks like the one at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde , Texas, to breed. The Uvalde tragedy comes nearly a decade after the deadliest elementary school attack in the … Read more