Russia must be prevented from defining the terms of the crisis in Ukraine | Opinion

For the past few weeks, Western audiences have been obsessed with the question, “What’s going through Putin’s head?” Western experts wonder: are the people around him telling him the whole truth? Is he sick or is he going crazy? Are we pushing him into a corner where he will see no other way to save … Read more

Until then we are lost on the high seas – Jornal Universitário do Porto

Here is reproduced, word for word, the speech with which Mr. Jack Keith Reuel McDonald defended himself against the ignoble accusations made against him. Mr. McDonald, as usual, was able to prove his point of view, which I, Gonçalo Costa, his faithful friend and disciple, fully endorse. Men are lost at sea, Your Honor! The … Read more

The Secret of Well-Behaved Children | Opinion

We want our child to be polite, kind, listen to what we tell him to do, and not be the child who makes mistakes in school or bothers the other children in the park. All of us parents also know how difficult it can be and, above all, a daily job and sometimes beyond our … Read more

The American Friend | Opinion

Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) was an American physicist, historian and philosopher of science whose book published in 1962, The structure of scientific revolutions, had a profound influence in academic circles. For Kuhn (1962), the development of science is not linear. In the periods the author calls normal science, a specific scientific point of view, theory or … Read more

The transfer of powers to local authorities – the example of health and the country in patchwork

Law No. 50/2018, of August 16, establishes the framework for the transfer of powers to local authorities and intermunicipal entities. This scheme, which has seen several extensions in its applicability, provides for transfers in particular in the areas of education, social action, health, social protection, culture, heritage, housing, among others. This system of transfer of … Read more

InTele – An initiative for telecommunications

By Luís M. Correia, professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico Contemporary society is experiencing dizzying change and the emergence of new technologies that increasingly favor its development, particularly in the field of telecommunications and more specifically 5G. This situation forces a growing link between the production of knowledge and its application to society, that is … Read more

LAPSUS$: methods and victims

One of the most active cybercriminal gangs today that has caused serious damage in Portuguese-speaking countries (Brazilian SNS and Vodafone, Parliament, Expresso and SIC) is known as LAPSUS$ or DEV-0537. On March 25, London police made a series of arrests of individuals linked to LAPSUS$ and, indeed, a few days ago the message appeared on … Read more

Sports Corruption and the Poisoned Metadata Tree Problem

This is related to the recent decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) which declared two standards of the Metadata Act unconstitutional Let’s try to simplify the legalese – an almost impossible mission – because I’m going to have to use technical jargon on this topic, but I’ll try not to be exaggerated or excessive. First … Read more

This does not happen in Portugal | Opinion

On May 3, a U.S. Supreme Court document confirmed what many suspected — the intention of most justices to vote to remove Roe. v Wade, the precedent that established the legality of abortion at the federal level in the United States almost 50 years ago. For many, like Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, it is the … Read more