1. Disk: I’m not exactly a big country fan. I like some more experimental things. Of course, Johnny Cash. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this voice. Last week’s surprise is Wilco, which embraces the genre with “Cruel Country.” The collective’s country roots have always been present in what they’ve produced, but with this … Read more

Economics and politics at the service of life

When we look at the current situation in the world, it is not difficult to see that what is decisively in crisis is modern reason with its devastating imperialism. Contrary to what its most ardent prophets think, after the crisis/implosion of unbridled so-called “real socialism”, neoliberal capitalism was by no means the solution of the … Read more

LE BAL – Silas, Nuno Gomes, Carlos Severino and Pedro Guerra at BOLA DA NIGHT (10 p.m.) (A BOLA TV)

This Monday, June 6, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… Another evening of interesting conversations at NIGHT BALL highlighting Portugal’s excellent victory (4-0) over Switzerland in the Nations League and the full involvement of the national and international transfer market, in addition … Read more

the portuguese dream

Summer is coming and this time of year begins when we start to hear foreign accents, in every corner of this small country. However, I have noticed that in addition to the classic “Come here, João Rafael! Get out of the sea and eat a little Porto-style tripe, please!”, we hear more and more English … Read more

A BOLA – The League of Nations and the market dominate BOLA DA NIGHT (22:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Friday, June 3, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… THE NIGHT BALL updates all the sports news of the day, with a focus on the transfer market, and highlights Spain-Portugal, this Thursday, in addition to the Portuguese match against Switzerland, which … Read more

IRS Guide: My First Filing – CASA SAPO News

Is this the first time you will have to submit the IRS declaration? The good news is that you don’t have to be a financial expert, and if you can’t find the answer to your questions, you can contact the Tax and Customs Administration (TA) services by phone or electronically and ask questions. On the … Read more

Fools or herd?

Unfortunately, we are idiots, white sheep of a controlled flock. I try to be at least a green sheep! We are always chasing “damage” and trying to adapt to what the few, but with great power, impose on us. Because? Because, it must be. To remark: 1. PandemicA problem. Anyone who objected to the fact … Read more

Russia must be prevented from defining the terms of the crisis in Ukraine | Opinion

For the past few weeks, Western audiences have been obsessed with the question, “What’s going through Putin’s head?” Western experts wonder: are the people around him telling him the whole truth? Is he sick or is he going crazy? Are we pushing him into a corner where he will see no other way to save … Read more

Until then we are lost on the high seas – Jornal Universitário do Porto

Here is reproduced, word for word, the speech with which Mr. Jack Keith Reuel McDonald defended himself against the ignoble accusations made against him. Mr. McDonald, as usual, was able to prove his point of view, which I, Gonçalo Costa, his faithful friend and disciple, fully endorse. Men are lost at sea, Your Honor! The … Read more