Daniela Melchior: “The more I work, the more stages I have to talk about these subjects”

“Not a single day goes by without making an impact on the world. Your actions make a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. These words are from Jane Goodall, one of the most recognized and respected activists of the past decades, and they should be a universal … Read more

La grande bellezza dell’auto, i maghi si raccontano

The Ferrari 296 GTB, by the production veture; Toyota Compact Cruiser EV for the concept car and Polestar for its design brand language for the Car Design Award 2022. di giornalisti specializzati del settore automotive. Il Car Design Award is attributed to three categories: veicoli di Produção, Concept Car et dal 2016 is the Aggiunto … Read more

Audi House of Progress: 8th anniversary of Design Week

house of progress It is the testimonianza dell’impegno di Audi nel trovare soluzioni per riprogettare il futuro attraverso azioni concrete nel present. The seat of the headquarters of the Casa dei quattro anelli per Design Week is significant. Audi House of Progress extends its surface by 1,500 mq to all interiors The Medela from Piazza … Read more

Buick Wildcat EV, Trasformazione Elettrica Ambassador – Prove and Novità

Almost 70 years of the Buick, which is the beginning of a march of General Motors present in practice only negli Stati Uniti and Cina, presents Wildcat an elegant concept of the vector scoperta which for the time was incredibly sober and anticipated a future (successively more concrete) di raffinata funzionalità and di attenzione ai … Read more