Taiwan Tech Giants Adopt World’s First NVIDIA Grace CPU Technology System Designs | SEG

New line of data center systems for digital twins, AI, high performance computing, cloud graphics and gaming come from ASUS, Foxconn Industrial Internet, GIGABYTE, QCT, Supermicro and Wiwynn NVIDIA announces that major computer manufacturers in Taiwan will launch the first wave of systems powered by NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip and Grace Hopper Superchip technology for … Read more

Dell G15 (RTX 3060) REVIEW: No-frills premium gaming laptop

In my review of Alienware M15 R6 I said here that it’s one of the best gaming laptops today and that, at least in the short term, it’s more than worth paying to build a desktop with similar specs, with proportions appropriate. If you don’t remember, I leave the link here so you can see … Read more