SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide DOK.fest Award for Filmmaker Diem Ha Le

05/13/2022 – 10:09 a.m. SOS Children’s Villages around the world Munich (ots) May 14. In 2022, the organization SOS Children’s Villages in the World will award this year’s DOK.fest prize to Vietnamese Diem Ha Le. Like her protagonist in the film, the filmmaker belongs to an ethnic minority. Diem Ha Le is honored for her … Read more

The Jung Foundation for Science and Research awards medical prizes for…

05/12/2022 – 08:00 Jung Foundation for Science and Research Hamburg (ots) The Jung Foundation for Science and Research presents its three prizes for cutting-edge medicine in Hamburg today. This year, outstanding work in the areas of research into the molecular causes of vascular disease, molecular virology, the formation of cancer-related metastases, and lifelong work in … Read more

Scholarship for volunteering / Germany’s oldest non-profit organization …

05/04/2022 – 09:00 EV experience Bonn (ots) 90 years ago, American Donald B. Watt started an international exchange project – “The Experiment in International Living” – to promote cross-cultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Today, 90 years later, the German branch of the oldest non-profit exchange organization “Experiment – Dein Austauschorganisation” pursues the same goals and … Read more

Ten scholarships awarded to Afghan students

06/05/2022 – 10:30 a.m. University of Bremen Ten scholarships awarded to Afghan students In collaboration with the HERE AHEAD Academy, the University of Bremen offers ten scholarships. It is aimed at students who were unable to start or complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree in their country after the Taliban took power. Even its name … Read more

International “Westerwelle Foundation Award” awarded for the first time in Berlin

05/06/2022 – 20:51 Westerwelle Foundation *** Naom Monari with his company Bena Care from Kenya is the winner of the first prize of the Westerwelle Foundation In the presence of many representatives of business, politics and entrepreneurship, the 29-year-old player was chosen in the evening *** Berlin. The Westerwelle Foundation Prize was first awarded as … Read more