Alina returned to dance in Portugal. But her refugee body just wants a hug in Zaporizhzhia

Alina Petrenko is one of more than 200 Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Lisbon on the first humanitarian flight of the Ukrainian Refugee Association UAPT on March 10. Without the war, she would be dancing on the other side of the world, in China. The parents and brother stayed in Zaporizhzhia, the town that serves … Read more

15-year-old receives a scholarship: A talent from the country came from Afghanistan to Tailfingen – Albstadt and surroundings

Raziye Diyana Mohammedi came to Germany from Afghanistan when she was nine years old and didn’t speak a word of German. She wants to graduate from high school in a few years. Photo: Kuster In 2021, 53 students from all over the country were accepted into the “Talent im Land” program, or “TiL” for short … Read more