Eat or shut up – ‘À Braz’ or with more sauce?

Rui Santos writes about a young Benfica coach who must have the responsibility not to be trapped by the techniques of ‘old leadership’ “(…) Benfica, from today, will not be silent with these lack of respect”Benfica sporting director Rui Pedro Braz It’s a strong statement, that of the “embodied” manager, and it wouldn’t have been … Read more

To resign! It’s making a pact with farce!

Rui Santos writes about what he considers ‘unacceptable’ and says the real ‘national champions’ were bullying and lack of courage On February 11, FC Porto-Sporting took place, which resulted in sad events involving players, coaches, managers and “assistants” linked to the game’s promoter, in Dragão. Some of these sad events happened inside the lawn and … Read more