Russia must be prevented from defining the terms of the crisis in Ukraine | Opinion

For the past few weeks, Western audiences have been obsessed with the question, “What’s going through Putin’s head?” Western experts wonder: are the people around him telling him the whole truth? Is he sick or is he going crazy? Are we pushing him into a corner where he will see no other way to save … Read more

EU spokesperson: Russian Embassy staff “Wear a cape to conceal spy activity”

In an interview with CNN Portugal, Peter Stano, the European Union’s chief foreign affairs spokesman, explains how Putin places a disproportionate number of officials “who pose as diplomats” in Russian embassies in the European Union to spy on host states, including Portugal. . . This representative of the Union’s diplomatic service also asserts that the … Read more

Four days trapped in the “House of Horrors”. The former US soldier fighting in Ukraine was so close to the Russians he could hear them walking on glass

The foreign soldiers spent “four miserable days” hardly sleeping, under Russian artillery and heavy infantry. Kevin, a stocky American in his thirties, climbs the charred rubble of an old sauna and flashes the light from his iPhone through the dust. “Let’s stop here, because this thread is intentionally tied to something and buried here,” he … Read more

Paulo Portas: “The fall of Azovstal was the most important political moment for the Russians, after the capture of Kherson”

The TVI commentator has no doubt that some of the Azovstal prisoners will be tortured and used in show trials. Furthermore, he recommends caution in the promises made on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. And he harshly criticizes the idea of ​​closing Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon: “It’s playing politics to get likes” The … Read more

EXCLUSIVE. Russian official reveals how he risked everything to get out of Putin’s war

After weeks of sleeping in crates of grenades, a guilt-ridden Russian officer decided to give up. He risked everything by refusing to fight. It took a few weeks of sleeping in crates of grenades, using them as beds, and hiding the faces of Ukrainians in growing guilt, until this junior Russian officer came to the … Read more

The American Friend | Opinion

Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) was an American physicist, historian and philosopher of science whose book published in 1962, The structure of scientific revolutions, had a profound influence in academic circles. For Kuhn (1962), the development of science is not linear. In the periods the author calls normal science, a specific scientific point of view, theory or … Read more

Alina returned to dance in Portugal. But her refugee body just wants a hug in Zaporizhzhia

Alina Petrenko is one of more than 200 Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Lisbon on the first humanitarian flight of the Ukrainian Refugee Association UAPT on March 10. Without the war, she would be dancing on the other side of the world, in China. The parents and brother stayed in Zaporizhzhia, the town that serves … Read more

“Encrypted messages are raining”, but everyone could be “heard”. How to communicate in the midst of war

How does António Costa speak with Emmanuel Macron? And Joe Biden with Vladimir Putin? For different relationships, different means, but with one condition always present: maximum security Encrypted messages, return to the telegraph and rooms forbidden to cell phones. The Ukrainian war is the most publicized for many years, which brings several innovations, especially in … Read more

‘It’s not saving, it’s destroying’: Ukrainian MMA champion recounts the horrors of war

CNN EXCLUSIVE. Mixed martial arts champion Yaroslav Amosov brought his family out of Ukraine and stayed to fight. Now tell us what you saw. And lived. As he strolls through the streets of his hometown of Irpin, about 20 kilometers west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the MMA fighter [acrónimo de Mixed Martial Arts, artes … Read more

Moskva, che fine ha fatto l’equipaggio? for Russia sono “tutti salvi”. Ma is giallo sulle auto rhimaste al porto

Colpitated and collapsed. Ma dell’equipaggio nessuna notizia certa. A mystery. The affondamento dell’ammiraglia Moskva, provocateur of the Ukrainian Neptune missile, is now fiercely supported in Russia and with consultation in Ukraine, dove si ritiene che la rappresaglia di Mosca sarà durissima. A very difficult imagine colpo for il Cremlino and a vero disaster for the … Read more