Paulo Portas: “The fall of Azovstal was the most important political moment for the Russians, after the capture of Kherson”

The TVI commentator has no doubt that some of the Azovstal prisoners will be tortured and used in show trials. Furthermore, he recommends caution in the promises made on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. And he harshly criticizes the idea of ​​closing Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon: “It’s playing politics to get likes” The … Read more

The American Friend | Opinion

Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) was an American physicist, historian and philosopher of science whose book published in 1962, The structure of scientific revolutions, had a profound influence in academic circles. For Kuhn (1962), the development of science is not linear. In the periods the author calls normal science, a specific scientific point of view, theory or … Read more

‘It’s not saving, it’s destroying’: Ukrainian MMA champion recounts the horrors of war

CNN EXCLUSIVE. Mixed martial arts champion Yaroslav Amosov brought his family out of Ukraine and stayed to fight. Now tell us what you saw. And lived. As he strolls through the streets of his hometown of Irpin, about 20 kilometers west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the MMA fighter [acrónimo de Mixed Martial Arts, artes … Read more

For Sousa Tavares, “Russia skates in Ukraine”. And that says a lot about a war that “the West has an interest in continuing”

Returning to TVI in the role of commentator, Miguel Sousa Tavares pointed the finger at NATO in the conflict. Paulo Portas also commented on the current situation, saying that the delivery of weapons to kyiv “is not an incentive for peace”. Russia celebrated Victory Day on Monday, which marks the victory of the then Soviet … Read more

No, it did not start on February 24

“A standard of killings of unarmed civilians continued in a large number of villages after the end of the bombardments. (…) In the village of Charebi, for example, two different testimonies maintain that a group of “Ossetians” [provenientes da Ossétia do Sul, região da Geórgia], soldiers and civilians, killed two villagers in their homes. (…) … Read more

Studentenwerk: Bafög for Ukrainian students in Germany?

According to the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW), support for students who have fled Ukraine needs to be increased. If necessary, you will have to obtain Bafög in an unbureaucratic way, said Matthias Anbuhl, DSW general secretary of the German press agency. “The German education and science system must prepare very quickly for the integration of many … Read more

25 Young Women Raped In Basement By Russian Soldiers, 9 Got Pregnant: ‘It Will Happen To All Nazi Prostitutes’

The BBC reveals the story of this basement but not only – the reports are disturbing. “The Russian soldiers told them that they would rape them to the point that they would not want any contact with another man and thus prevent them from having Ukrainian children.” Another documented phrase uttered by Russian soldiers: “This … Read more

“Let’s take care of that. Poland devalues ​​Russian gas cut and wants to import from US and Gulf countries

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to handle this”Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przdacz told the BBC, pointing out that Warsaw was already planning to stop importing Russian gas by the end of the year, when its contract with the Gazprom company expired. “Poland made decisions several years ago to prepare for a situation like … Read more

US Secret Service helps Ukraine kill Russian Generals. What does this tell us about war?

American intelligence support was decisive on the battlefield and contributed to the loss of morale of the invading troops. The US Secret Service helped the Ukrainian military locate and kill Russian generals on the battlefield. The information was provided by the New York Times, which quoted an official source on condition of anonymity, without specifying … Read more