Among other drug programs – Once nominated for a Nobel Prize: Cosmopolitan Marks now lives in Pressbaum

John Marks can look back on an exceptional international career. The psychiatrist developed an innovative drug program for which he received the prestigious E. Zinberg Award from the Washington Drug Policy Foundation in 1990. He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 and recently reformed the periodic table with his identical twin … Read more

Until then we are lost on the high seas – Jornal Universitário do Porto

Here is reproduced, word for word, the speech with which Mr. Jack Keith Reuel McDonald defended himself against the ignoble accusations made against him. Mr. McDonald, as usual, was able to prove his point of view, which I, Gonçalo Costa, his faithful friend and disciple, fully endorse. Men are lost at sea, Your Honor! The … Read more

APA Announces Geiringer Fellowship 2022 | PAA

Journalism training programs at Oxford from October to December – application deadline April 29 Vienna (OTS) – The APA – Austria Press Agency announces the Alfred Geiringer Fellowship again in 2022. The training program allows for a period of study at Green College, University of Oxford and participation in the Foundation’s exclusive journalism training program … Read more