he new SUV is sold out in Italy

the cousin smart SUV è già sold prima ancora di arrivere at the dealership: just over a month dall’apertura delle prenotazioni dell’esclusiva Smart Launch Edition #1, the number of the richieste a già superato the unità mass available for the Italian market. The limited series that brought the Smart revolution on the vecchio continent is … Read more

Immatricolazioni auto: mercato Italia, -32.7% in September – Industria

In September, the number of units in Italy was 105,175, up 32.7% in this month of 2020. The nine-month total is 1,165,491 units, up 20.6% on the same period of 2020. I dati sono del ministero dei Transporti. Stellantis has registered as of September 33, 330, it 41.6% in this month of 2020. The share … Read more

Novauto Group presents KINTO Share, Toyota and Lexus car sharing by oggi available in Varese – Varesenoi.it

Gruppo Novauto, leading dealer in the south of Varese and its province, presents services and offers To share, the innovator car sharing by KINTOthe third Mark global di Toyota dedicated to mobility services, che si rivolge ad aziende, public and private customersproviding a flotta di Veture electrifies Toyota and Lexus. PRICE AND PACCHETTI ADATTI TO … Read more

Cingolani, partiti divisi sulla frenata alle auto elettriche. I Verdi: “E’il Ministro delle Fonti fossili”. Tajani: “Bene his position”

MILAN – Ieri the minister of economic transition, Roberto Cingolani, has richiamato la prudenza sul passaggio obbligato ver l’auto elettrica. During a PwC and Gedi event (publisher of The Republic), there is an expression for the amendment presented by the EPP to the European Parliament and which aimed to adjust the emission requirement of new … Read more

LE BAL – Silas, Nuno Gomes, Carlos Severino and Pedro Guerra at BOLA DA NIGHT (10 p.m.) (A BOLA TV)

This Monday, June 6, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… Another evening of interesting conversations at NIGHT BALL highlighting Portugal’s excellent victory (4-0) over Switzerland in the Nations League and the full involvement of the national and international transfer market, in addition … Read more

THE BALL – Playstation 5 controls with price reduction (Games)

With the return of the “Days of Play” campaign, which lasts until June 8, Playstation players will have access to the Playstation Store and in the usual stores to a price reduction in several games, in the Playstation VR Mega Pack and also in the Duelsense wireless controllers. During the campaign period, which ends on … Read more

Le occasioni di maggio: ecco i modelli più chest of drawers

ROME – For advice on the market of the tantissime promozioni to propose for i vari modelli of the car, abbiamo realizzato, in collaboration with the Autoxy portal, a guide that will monthly provide the migliorite offer of the new car if I can find online and en it is the dealer brand dei vari. … Read more

Self-guided guide, San Francisco there’s a problem with the car driving

Gli incidenti happened in a period to cui un’ente della California written for her new rules che permetteranno a Cruise di proseguire i suoi piani per operare servizi di transporto passeggeri limitation of payment in tutto lo stato. In San Francisco, a new authorization to extend the program which is supported by Cruise, which currently … Read more

A BOLA – The League of Nations and the market dominate BOLA DA NIGHT (22:00) (A BOLA TV)

This Friday, June 3, you can see on your THE TV BALL (channel 13 from Meo, 31 from Vodafone and 64 from NOWO)… THE NIGHT BALL updates all the sports news of the day, with a focus on the transfer market, and highlights Spain-Portugal, this Thursday, in addition to the Portuguese match against Switzerland, which … Read more