Financing IT talent: Gechinger pilots a project in India – Gäu

The girls are supported by the association “Nethanja Narsapur Children’s Home Christian Mission India”. Here, schoolgirls are busy in the chemistry lab. Photo: class This was not necessarily to be expected due to the corona pandemic: IT specialist Reinhold Klass from Gechingen, who leads the project “Wissen creates a future” for Indian children, is enthusiastic … Read more

Flee from Syria: Adel Al Ghibar, 15, receives a scholarship – and has big goals – Dornstetten & surroundings

Adel Al Ghibar received a scholarship for his commitment. Photo: Haenssler Adel Al Ghibar recounts the escape in fluent German. The 15-year-old only arrived in Germany from Syria five years ago. He found a new home in Glatten. There he now helps other students to learn German himself. Smooth – From Syria we went to … Read more

The pioneering project “Eifel-Myzel” wants to change the world of work

May 19, 2022 at 06:40 Community economy : Cooperation instead of competition: this is how the pioneering project “Eifel-Myzel” wants to change the world of work Nadine Stalpes and Dominik König want to bring sustainable projects to the Eifel with “Eifel Myzel”. Photo: TV/Tanja Hammes Bitburg How do we want to live in the future? … Read more

SOS Children’s Villages Worldwide DOK.fest Award for Filmmaker Diem Ha Le

05/13/2022 – 10:09 a.m. SOS Children’s Villages around the world Munich (ots) May 14. In 2022, the organization SOS Children’s Villages in the World will award this year’s DOK.fest prize to Vietnamese Diem Ha Le. Like her protagonist in the film, the filmmaker belongs to an ethnic minority. Diem Ha Le is honored for her … Read more

15-year-old receives a scholarship: A talent from the country came from Afghanistan to Tailfingen – Albstadt and surroundings

Raziye Diyana Mohammedi came to Germany from Afghanistan when she was nine years old and didn’t speak a word of German. She wants to graduate from high school in a few years. Photo: Kuster In 2021, 53 students from all over the country were accepted into the “Talent im Land” program, or “TiL” for short … Read more

ILS awards 50 scholarships to refugee caregivers

04/12/2022 – 12:24 ILS Institute for Learning Systems GmbH Hamburg (ots) True to the motto “We help helpers”, Germany’s largest distance learning school, ILS in Hamburg, is currently offering free training to people who, among other things, support people who have fled the Ukraine. The ILS awards 50 scholarships for the distance learning course “Assistance … Read more

Scholarship for volunteering / Germany’s oldest non-profit organization …

05/04/2022 – 09:00 EV experience Bonn (ots) 90 years ago, American Donald B. Watt started an international exchange project – “The Experiment in International Living” – to promote cross-cultural understanding and peaceful coexistence. Today, 90 years later, the German branch of the oldest non-profit exchange organization “Experiment – Dein Austauschorganisation” pursues the same goals and … Read more