“In nursing, you work piecemeal” – Dachau

Sebastian Böhm experienced the hard daily work of nursing during an internship. Together with a medical student and a computer scientist, also from the Dachau district, he started the “Clapping for Future” project. The objective: to collect 168 million euros to enable nursing trainees to benefit from a grant. SZ: Mr Böhm, how did you … Read more

Music – Finsterwalde – “He embraces the people”: An evening with David Helfgott – culture

Potsdam (dpa / bb) – At first he takes the stage a bit awkwardly. Then he looks at the audience and beams, waves and winks mischievously – before suddenly his hands fly over the piano keys. Anyone who has ever met the Australian pianist David Helfgott knows how extraordinary his concerts are. The musician speaks … Read more

Art exhibition in Dachau: Poetry in small format – Dachau

People are probably sitting in the beer garden now, watching the Champions League final on TV or sizzling neck steaks on the grill at home in the garden. Saturday evening is not made for an opening at Dachau. In any case, only a manageable group of visitors came to the opening of the Wolfgang Lugmair … Read more

Turn the world upside down – your SZ

If you believe the nerds, there’s never been as much of a future as there is now. The Internet of Things (IoT), they predict, will change the way we live. With the help of related blockchain technology, the world will even be turned upside down in just a few years. Alexandra Mikityuk doesn’t want to … Read more

Equal opportunities in Bavaria: “We live in the Stone Age” – Bavaria

When it comes to Afghanistan, Zahra Mohammadi can get really angry. The 19-year-old from Bad Neustadt an der Saale goes from the country’s turbulent history to the status quo in a few sentences. “The country is below zero again,” she says. In the past, when she herself was still living in the Middle East, she … Read more

Ukrainian newspaper: almost a child prodigy – Culture

My student I. replied by e-mail to my question concerning the final version of the bachelor’s thesis. I have to read the message twice to make sure I fully understand what he writes. “I’m still working on it today and tomorrow to finish the text, but tomorrow evening I’m going to kyiv and I want … Read more

Work – These grants founders should know about – Career

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – It’s usually a real challenge to build a life. Finally, a solid financial plan is necessary for the project to have a chance of success. But it is precisely the question of money that worries many founders. There is a solution to almost every financing problem. “It often makes sense to contact … Read more

Hörmann at Kirchseeon: The Affair of the Mermaids – Ebersberg

If the Hörmann company had been dependent on its sirens alone, it would probably have been less successful than it was in the first two and a half decades after the fall of the Wall. After all, the end of the Cold War and the rapprochement between East and West in the reunified Federal Republic … Read more

Education: This is how even the most gifted get a scholarship – education

Students in Germany need an average of 800 euros for rent and clothes, canteen, books, health insurance and a mobile phone contract, according to the latest social survey by the German Student Union. 68% therefore work alongside their studies – and only 5% improve their budget thanks to a scholarship. The fact that the rate … Read more

Students – Why promoting elites is always unfair – Education

Imagine the following: The state decides on a support program especially for lottery winners. A foundation of the winners of the German People’s Lottery is founded, which provides confidence to the lucky ones and organizes seminars in which they learn which country houses and yachts are worth their money and where they can invest their … Read more