These students who make their dreams come true abroad

For a large majority of Moroccan students, continuing their studies abroad or at least doing an exchange is considered a great advantage, if not a necessity for their professional and personal development. But this approach often proves very expensive and requires a great mobilization of the student and his family… However, the high costs, estimated … Read more

The two careers of Philipp Herz

May 27, 2022 at 6:34 p.m. Soccer/Tennis : Football first, tennis now: the two careers of Philipp Herz Philipp Herz (pictured left on the ball) once showed his talents at Eintracht Trier, so 1. FC Nürnberg noticed his talent and signed him. In the meantime, the native of Trier has proven that he can also … Read more

Scholarships: 85 Afghans selected for special DAAD funding

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has selected a total of 85 Afghans for the special quota of the Hilde Domin program and the so-called Bridging Scholarships for Refugee and Doctoral Students, the organization announced on Tuesday. Afghans are limited in all areas of education, including higher education. “For us, their support and acceptance into … Read more

Talent promotion: this is how the best students get a scholarship

Rand 1000 euros per month, a supplement for internships and research stays abroad, contacts with renowned scientists or managers and access to numerous specialized events. All this without interest. Roland Hain runs one of the most sought-after scholarships for students in Germany. School principals, university professors or presidents of examination offices nominate future scholarship holders … Read more

Everyone has a chance with these exotic scholarships

Massume very good grades at an elite university, social commitment and an interest in microeconomics, Michelangelo and mathematics in equal measure, then put it all in one person. Indeed, there are people who are “exceptional” in every way. It is not uncommon for such versatile talents to grab the coveted scholarships from major gifted student … Read more

Education: This is how even the most gifted get a scholarship – education

Students in Germany need an average of 800 euros for rent and clothes, canteen, books, health insurance and a mobile phone contract, according to the latest social survey by the German Student Union. 68% therefore work alongside their studies – and only 5% improve their budget thanks to a scholarship. The fact that the rate … Read more

Students – Why promoting elites is always unfair – Education

Imagine the following: The state decides on a support program especially for lottery winners. A foundation of the winners of the German People’s Lottery is founded, which provides confidence to the lucky ones and organizes seminars in which they learn which country houses and yachts are worth their money and where they can invest their … Read more

The number of Deutschlandstipendiums 2020 decreased slightly

28,100 students received funding under the Scholarship Program Act Press release #235 of May 19, 2021 WIESBADEN – In 2020, 28,100 students received a German scholarship under the Scholarship Program Act. As also reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the number of scholarship holders fell slightly compared to the previous year for the first … Read more

Only one out of 100 specialists is funded

Intern in a car workshop In recent years, around 6,000 young skilled workers under the age of 25 have received further training grants, for example to become master craftsmen or technicians. (Photo: dpa [M]) Berlin Given the shrinking population, continuing education is seen as the key to combating the growing shortage of skilled workers. However, … Read more

Joint, scholarships, lotteries… are all shots allowed to encourage people to get vaccinated?

A “seal against an sting” in Washington State, a beer in New Jersey, a burger and fries in New York, a $100 savings certificate and raffles to win guns in West Virginia or others to win thousands or even millions of dollars in Ohio, Colorado, Maryland and Oregon… the US states have heard the message … Read more