We’ve tested Starlink on gaming, VoIP, YouTube, Netflix and more

In the third video in the Starlink series, we put Elon Musk’s satellite internet quality to the test. We tested and showed how Starlink performs with large file downloads and uploads, its latency in games, and its ability to serve an entire family, with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time. All … Read more

Nearly 300 games are coming out of the Origin catalog as of June 13; see the list

Third-party titles will no longer be offered by the platform This Monday (30), the electronic arts confirmed that the platform origin will lose the equivalent of 300 games in June. According to the information, the 275 titles will no longer be available from the 13th. Assassin’s Creed Origins is coming to Game Pass on June … Read more

Tech: Understanding how LAN houses survive in SP – 05/16/2022 – Mercado

While Reinaldo Soares, 64, was talking about an article from Agência Mural, a customer stood up to be served, his cell phone in his hand. The resident went to RPJ Tecnologia LAN House, located in the neighborhood of Nova Poá, in Poá, Greater São Paulo, because he had doubts about using the device. This type … Read more

How to configure or change DNS on Windows and macOS?

DNS – Domain Name System, or Domain Name System in Portuguese, may seem like an acronym for something complicated, but in fact we are talking about a simple Internet protocol. Simply put, it’s a system that converts website addresses from numbers to friendly names. If there was no DNS, the site names would be something … Read more

Ukraine wants to take Russia off the Internet. What could happen?

Last week, the Ukrainian government lobbied major tech platforms to rethink their relationship with Russia, and it was quite successful. Companies that own social media have reduced the reach of Russian state-backed media, for example, and Apple has stopped selling its products and limited some services in Russia. But now Ukraine is pushing for something … Read more

Public DNS: what is it, why use it and which are the best free servers

waiters DNS, domain name system or even the domain name system, are responsible for locating and translating the website addresses we type into browsers into IP numbers. For example, DNS services translate the IP to globo.com. By default, we use the DNS service offered by the access provider or the company responsible for operating … Read more