InterContinental Hotels Non-Fungible with British artist Claire Luxton

InterContinental Hotels Non-Fungible with British artist Claire Luxton November 24, 2022 To write No comment People Claire Luxton, InterContinental Hotels, Mauritius 1972 views InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, part of the Luxury & Lifestyle Collection of IHG Hotels & Resorts, announces the launch of 10 exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in collaboration with British contemporary artist Claire … Read more

5 advantages of using Bitcoin in online stores – 06/14/2022

Online stores have become a booming business in the current economic conditions. Not only do they provide consumers with a convenient way to purchase merchandise, but they are also a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products to potential customers around the world. A growing number of e-commerce businesses are beginning to … Read more

With 45,000 missing hospitality workers, calls for green lane immigration

High inflation indicates an increase in average prices in hotels between 8 and 10%, according to the AHP. © (Maria João Gala/Global Images) 07 June 2022 • 07:00 Labor shortages in tourism and inflation are the two biggest concerns for the national hotel industry to face the coming summer months and this could even impact … Read more

South Africa invests and guarantees priority in Brazil

Disclosure / IT Communications Diogo Caldeira and Milly Lacombe, from TI Comunicações, Dinky Malikane, from South African Tourism, Tati Isler, from TI Comunicações, and Marcelo Marques, from South African Tourism South Africa believes it will soon recover the volume of Brazilian visitors recorded before the pandemic. In 2019, 80,000 Brazil passports were stamped in the … Read more

5G and the future of work – 06/01/2022

The arrival of 5G in Brazil promises a disruptive revolution in the internet and mobile telephony as we know it today – and that means many job opportunities. Technological innovation, planned for the second half, brings with it better speed, better productivity and the arrival of new professions. In this context, what will be the … Read more