A woman says she was “raped” in the Facebook metaverse: it was at a private party while other Internet users watched

A non-profit organization report describes the case in detail, revealing the sordid nature of the situation. The woman points out that she felt completely “disoriented”. An expert considers that a virtual event can generate “great confusion” and “emotion” in the victim What began as a study of user behavior in Horizon Worlds, the Facebook owner’s … Read more

A woman is saved after being stabbed by her partner in Planaltina

Ana Isabel and Sarah Peres – Mail Special published on 05/14/2022 11:46 / updated on 05/14/2022 11:47 (Credit: Lucas Pacifico/CB/DA Press) A 42-year-old woman suffered an attempted femicide late Friday afternoon (5/13). The victim was attacked by his companion, who fled after the crime. The case is being investigated at the 31st Police Station (Planaltina). … Read more