A woman says she was “raped” in the Facebook metaverse: it was at a private party while other Internet users watched

A non-profit organization report describes the case in detail, revealing the sordid nature of the situation. The woman points out that she felt completely “disoriented”. An expert considers that a virtual event can generate “great confusion” and “emotion” in the victim What began as a study of user behavior in Horizon Worlds, the Facebook owner’s … Read more

“I believe this technology will be the future of hardware”

Alex Ruhl, founder and VR director of virtual reality studio “Cats are not peas”. © Jose Carmo / Global Images May 28, 2022 • 06:57 The founder of virtual reality studio CATS are not PEAS, Alex Rühl, is a pioneer in immersive storytelling and her work has won several international awards. The English specialist was … Read more