‘It’s a rehearsal’: How families of Sandy Hook victims are watching the Uvalde shooting | filming in the USA

The family of Sandy Hook massacre victims – who are about to turn ten – called again on Tuesday for tougher gun laws that would prevent attacks like the one at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde , Texas, to breed. The Uvalde tragedy comes nearly a decade after the deadliest elementary school attack in the … Read more

A specialist sheds light on the most practiced digital scams | SEG

The country ended 2021 with 4 million such frauds Every week we come across new digital scams. The ingenuity of criminals to exploit weaknesses and deceive people in order to gain personal data and financial benefits knows no bounds. As much as we warn about the care that must be taken with data, phone calls, … Read more

“Let’s take care of that. Poland devalues ​​Russian gas cut and wants to import from US and Gulf countries

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to handle this”Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przdacz told the BBC, pointing out that Warsaw was already planning to stop importing Russian gas by the end of the year, when its contract with the Gazprom company expired. “Poland made decisions several years ago to prepare for a situation like … Read more

“It’s not Afghanistan.” Reports of poor conditions on the US aircraft carrier where several sailors committed suicide

The sailors shared with CNN what life was like aboard the USS George Washington, where seven sailors have already died, including at least four by suicide. A series of suicides on a US Navy aircraft carrier caused more than 200 sailors to leave the ship. After one of the latest fatalities, Xavier Sandor, the captain … Read more