“Le nostre Tesla frenano di colpo”: 750 fanno customers after the biggest inchiesta del mondo

Something like this in the world of sicurezza stradale has not been seen more: 750 insieme Protestant clients, scrivono all’Nhtsa, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA federal entity, and ottengono l’apertura di un’inchiesta fficiale on problem. The greatest, thorough and complessa end that may be realizzata dall’agenzia federale Usa. Reason for dispute? Mica Roba … Read more

We’ve tested Starlink on gaming, VoIP, YouTube, Netflix and more

In the third video in the Starlink series, we put Elon Musk’s satellite internet quality to the test. We tested and showed how Starlink performs with large file downloads and uploads, its latency in games, and its ability to serve an entire family, with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time. All … Read more

CO2 emissions in Europe, massimo aiuto dai tanto temuti suv – Sotto la Lente

L’ambiente teme i suv, because il loro impact on CO2 emissions livello is on average greater than 13% rispetto all other car typologies with sedan, wagon and minivan cpn motori ICE. But if you analyze in detail the trend of the mediation emission in the corso del 2021, if you scopre che l’ambiente must ringraziare … Read more